Tools and Miscellaneous
Handpieces - High Speed
NSK Presto
High-speed (320,000 rpm)
Air-driven, oil-less
Highest Quality
Uses FG type dental burs  1/16"
shank on our
FG page.
Handpieces - Low Speed
NSK Espert 500
Slow-speed (1000-50,000 rpm)
Electric -  120volts  200 watts
Brushless state-of-the-art handpiece motor
High torque handpiece 8.7 N-cm
Microprocessor-based Controller with NSK proprietary technology
Highest quality

Included:  Collets for 3/32" and 1/8" shank burs,
Handpiece Holder and wrenches

Controller has ports for connecting two handpiece motors (used
individually).  Motor A and Motor B speeds can be preset

The best electric micromotor
in the market today.  Contact us for availability and
Air Regulator & Filter for NSK Presto
High Quality -- components made
by American manufacturers

Ready to use:
Connect handpiece tubing to switch
& hose fitting.

Connect compressor hose to quick

Set Regulator at 35 to 40 psi

PRICE $140.00 plus shipping.  
Contact us for shipping costs.
Always use Personal
Protective Equipment
when using rotary tools
  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection  
  • Respiratory Protection
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If you are considering purchasing the NSK
Presto, we offer competitive pricing and this
special offer:
A complimentary set of 8  FG burs to get you started with the
use of the tool.  A $25.00 value, free with purchase!

Please Contact Us for Pricing.
Email: info@bursforcarving.com
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