What makes our store unique is that the owner is not only a seller of burs but also a user--as a professional artist/woodworker.  To that end, every bur listed in our store has endured the rigors and tests of durability and performance that the owner personally would have subjected it to for his own use.  This includes uses in many materials such as wood, acrylics, hard and soft metals, fiberglass and gourds. The same goes for rigorous testing of other tools and equipment featured in the store.

 Also unique is that we carry the widest variety of burs made for various rotary tool applications and uses.  For example, our industrial burs are intended for tough metalworking and woodworking applications, as well as for use on non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, fiberglass and acrylics.  As such, they work exceptionally well in sculpting and carving applications in arts and crafts, whether on wood, gourds, plastics, metals or soft stone.  Importantly, several of our industrial burs are exclusive to Burs for Carving, and not available anywhere else.

Additionally, burs made for operative dental and dental laboratory uses (including tough titanium alloys) also work exceptionally well in the arts and crafts, including piercing, sculpting, carving and texturing in wood, gourds, acrylics and other non-metallic materials.

 Another unique feature of our store is that we offer carbide burs with titanium ceramic coatings, a revolutionary industrial coating process that increases the value of the bur by significantly increasing its wear resistance and hardness, with lower operating friction.  Simply stated, coated burs perform better and last longer than uncoated burs. 

 Further, a cornerstone of our store is the idea of good old fashioned personal  customer service, sadly missing in many ecommerce applications during these days of online purchasing, where customers are treated as numbers.  We value (and will take to heart) any feedback you wish to provide on any of our products.


Burs for Carving LLCa limited liability corporation, is a web-based internet store located in Scottsdale, Arizona USA, offering the widest selection of the highest quality carbide burs, NSK handpieces and accessories for power-carving wood, gourds, metal, stone, acrylics and many other materials.  Our products are intended for use in various types of rotary power tools by Artists, Woodworkers, Carvers, Sculptors, MetalworkersEngravers, Jewelry Makers, and Hobbyists, as well as for a wide variety of Industrial and Dental Laboratory applications.  We also sell accessories, such as mandrels, buffing pads and bristle wheels for sanding and finishing applications.

Burs for Carving LLC is an authorized NSK America distributor  
For high-performance hand-held pneumatic and electric micromo
tors for power carving:

  • PRESTO ll (pneumatic) 320,000 rpm
  • Emax EVOlution (electric) 1000-40,000 rpm
  • ESPERT 500 (electric) 1000-50,000 rpm
  • ROTUS (pneumatic) 30,000 rpm
  • IMPULSE SERIES (pneumatic) 60,000 rpm

The burs and NSK micromotors that we sell are of the highest quality,
manufactured under strict quality standards (ISO, CE certifications) by established, reputable companies.  We fu
rnish many bur types, shapes, sizes, and cuts for any rotary power-carving or grinding operation.

For information about NSK America Tools, please click NSK PRODUCTS  for more information.  Use the Contact Us form for specific pricing.


Every order--no matter how small--is very important to us.  Quick delivery and superb personal customer service are our standard ways of doing business.  Every inquiry is answered promptly and professionally to the best of our abilities.  Please feel free to contact us at any time.  

SAFETY:  Also, it is very important that you work safely by always using the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when using any of our products. CAUTION--tools are sharp!  Keep hands and fingers clear of rotating cutter surfaces during use.  Visit our SAFETY link for further information, and follow the safety instructions from the rotary tool or handpiece manufacturer. Contact us for further information.

We specialize in  industrial burs with TiN (Gold), TiAlN (Black), and the latest Nano-Composite (Red/Blue) coatings, all of which significantly increase the bur's resistance to wear.  They are ceramic coatings, harder than the carbide itself, and also reduce friction when cutting.