Because burs are most-often used in hand-held rotary tools, die grinders or handpieces, good operator control is essential to avoid improper use or breakage.  

Be sure to follow rotary tool manufacturer's instructions for proper, safe use.

Problems can occur when burs are positioned for use in tightly-confined areas such as corners, pockets or within tight holes or grooves.  Out-of-control jamming, wedging or wobbling of the bur can occur, usually marring the workpiece, breaking the bur or both.  Make sure the bur is properly seated in the handpiece collet or chuck, and tightened securely.  Please exercise caution under these situations, and make sure to wear the appropriate Personal Protective safety Equipment (PPE). And remember, bur cutting edges are sharp!  Keep hands and fingers clear of rotating cutter surfaces during use.  

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)--Titanium Coatings

Also known as Titanium Nitride Ceramic Coatings:

Titanium Nitride (Gold), Titanium Aluminum Nitride (Black), Nano Composite (Red/Blue).  Our line of industrial and some dental lab burs appear gold-plated,
black or Red/Blue.  The gold-looking coating is actually Titanium Nitride (
TiN), the black coating is Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN), and the Red/Blue coating is a new Nano Composite.  These are very hard ceramic coatings, vapor-deposited and bonded to the carbide cutter.  They are harder and more wear-resistant than the
carbide material itself.  A few microns thick, 
TiN, TiAlN and NANO ceramic coatings have revolutionized the metalworking industry.  These coatings also reduce friction, thereby allowing faster cutting, and without coolant in some metalworking operations.  In situations such as cutting materials like wood, gourds, acrylics and jewelry metals, the coated cutter simply lasts longer than an uncoated carbide cutter, providing more value for your money.

Burs for Carving sells its line of USA-made industrial and dental lab burs with the TiN (Gold), TiAlN (Black) or NANO* (Red/Blue) coating, as the benefit  is a much longer lasting product for you.

(*NANO coatings available on a limited number of burs at this time).