Please follow these important recommendations for the
safe and enjoyable use of our products:

Follow the manufacturer's directions for the safe and proper use of your rotary handpiece or grinder.  Do not exceed the recommended rotary speeds.  Keep hands away from rotating bur cutting surfaces.

When operating hand-held grinders or handpieces, good operator control is essential in
order to avoid unsafe use or breakage.  BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE ROTARY TOOL

Problems occur when rotating burs are positioned to operate in tightly-confined areas
such as corners, pockets or within tight holes or grooves.  Out-of-control jamming,
wedging or wobbling of the bur can occur, possibly marring the workpiece, breaking the
bur and causing injury.  Make sure that the bur is properly seated in the handpiece collet or chuck, and tightened securely.  Misuse or abusive use of tools will void any warranties.

WARNING:  Make sure to wear the appropriate personal protective safety equipment (PPE) for protection from injury.  Tools may shatter--wear eye protection and other appropriate safety items as required.  And remember, bur cutting edges are sharp! Keep hands and fingers clear of rotating cutter surfaces during use.