Mastercut ISO Dental Lab Burs

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Mastercut ISO Dental Lab Burs, 3/32" (2.35mm) shank.  Made in the USA.

ISO (International Standards Organization) burs provide maximum material reduction and a high-quality surface finish on all types of materials.  Cutting performance and wear resistance of bur is enhanced with a super-hard Nano Composite (Red/Blue) ceramic coating.  6 shapes/sizs available from Burs for Carving:

1. 6mm Flame, Medium Straight ChipBreaker Cut

1. 7mm Radius Cone, Medium Straight Cut

3. 4mm Radius Cone, Medium Straight ChipBreaker Cut

4. 2.3mm Radius Cylinder, Fine Double Cut

5. 2.3mm Radius Cylinder, Medium Double Cut

6. 2.3mm Radius Cone, Medium Straight Cut

7. 7mm Sphere, Medium Double Cut

8. 2.3 Cylinder, Medium Double Cut (Plain End)